Getting Started with Moodle


Moodle is Morley College London’s Virtual Learning Environment, designed to provide students with personalised online learning. Students can find a range of resources on Moodle and can also access the Online Library catalog.

Moodle is available online and also through the Moodle app for desktop and mobile devices.

This article covers the following topics:

Signing in to Moodle Online

To sign in to Moodle via the website, browse to and click Sign In, then enter your Morley College London e-mail address and current password when prompted.


Using the Moodle App

If you prefer to access Moodle using your desktop or mobile device, the Moodle app is available to download for desktop (Apple and Microsoft) and mobile (Android and Apple) devices.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app for your desktop or mobile device, you will be prompted for a site address or URL. Morley College London's Moodle site address is

When prompted, sign in with your Morley College London e-mail address and current password.

Your Courses on Moodle

After you have logged into Moodle, you should see any resources your tutor(s) are providing listed underneath ‘My Courses’ – you may need to scroll down to see these. Click on the course title to go to your course page. Your courses will also be displayed in the side menu on the left-hand side of the page.


On your course page you may see some or all of the following resources:

  • Structured Content
    Your course page may be laid out with headings and bullets giving a breakdown of topics for that week.
  • News & Discussion Forum
    This lets your tutor send you news updates and for you to share course related information and discussion.
  • Handouts
    Your tutor may provide you with key handouts on Moodle. These will help you if you miss a week or lose a printout. Simply click on these to view or download the files.
  • Presentations
    Your tutor may provide you with key presentations. Click to view them in the browser or download the file.
  • Website Links
    Links to useful webpages may be provided. Click on the link to open the page in a new browser window.
  • Videos
    YouTube videos may be embedded on your course page. You can interact with these in exactly the same way you would on YouTube. Click to play the video and if you wish to view the video full screen, click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Blocks
    In the right hand column of your course page you will see Moodle ‘Blocks’. These add extra functionality to your course and can include a list of participants, latest news from online newspapers and other features.

Signing Out

Please remember to sign out when you have finished using Moodle. To sign out from the website, simply click the the drop-down arrow next to your name at the top-right of the page and select Log out.

Further Guidance

For any queries about Moodle or other e-learning resources please contact our Digital Inclusion Development Coordinator - e:

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  • I cant seem to get into my courses on Moodle. Is there a problem. The page should list my courses at Morley but I cant find the link on this page. Many thanks. Elsa McPherson 10159712. 19.1.22

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