[RESOLVED] Waterloo Centre - Connection Offline on 2nd December


The internet connection at our Waterloo Centre is currently offline, which means that a range of services are currently unavailable across our Centres and online, including:

  • Online enrolment
  • Single Sign On
  • Remote Access (VPN)
  • Connection to shared files 
  • My Morley, Access People and EMMA (Staff Intranet)
  • Telephones at Chelsea, North Kensington and Stockwell 

The Waterloo Centre connection is maintained by JISC and we are actively working with JISC to restore services as quickly as possible.

[Updated at 10:00]

JISC have confirmed that Virgin Media have now resolved a similar issue for another customer site that has been affected by this morning's incident, so we hope to expect some positive news shortly.

[Updated at 11:00]

Virgin Media engineers are continuing to work on restoring services and we are encouraging them to do so as efficiently as possible.

[Updated at 12:00]

JISC and Virgin Media are continuing to work on restoring services at their Croydon data centre.

[Updated at 13:50]

An engineer from Virgin Media is visiting the Waterloo Centre to investigate further as their service level has been exceeded. In the meantime, the teams at North Kensington and Chelsea are extending the workarounds put in place this morning to provide internet access across both centres.

[Updated at 15:45]

Awaiting further information from JISC and Virgin Media.

[18:00 - Connection Restored]

Virgin Media have now restored connectivity at the Waterloo Centre.



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