How To - Manage Online Class Meetings and Course Membership in Microsoft Teams


Each online course has a corresponding team in Microsoft Teams, named to match the course code.

Students enrolled on a course are added to the course team in Microsoft Teams as team members and the course tutor is added as the team owner. This means that as the course tutor, you can add/remove students to/from the team as needed and can also invite the team to a meeting, rather than each student individually.


Class Meetings
When you create a meeting invite start typing the team name e.g. "Course ABC123/T3" in the section marked "Add channel". As you type, the course name should appear. Select the General channel underneath the course name to add the students to the meeting.


It should look something like the example below.


New students are sent a welcome e-mail from the IT Service Desk when they first enrol and this contains their Morley e-mail address and initial password, as well as how to sign in and join their class online with Microsoft Teams.


Adding and Removing Students
If any of your students do not appear as members of the team, you can add them - just click the three dots next to the team name, then Manage Team. You'll see students listed under "Members and Guests".


Click the Add Member button to add someone to the team, or click the X to the right of their name, to remove them.


You may find this helpful for example, when students enrol on the day or at short-notice, to ensure they can still attend online.


Inviting Guests to a Meeting
If a student cannot find their welcome e-mail or hasn't received it yet through a last minute enrolment, you can invite them to a meeting using their personal e-mail address. It is not currently possible to add personal e-mail addresses to a team.

To invite a guest, open the meeting and enter their personal e-mail address in the "Add required attendees" box. Click the option to "Invite ..." once it appears (see below), to add them as a guest, before saving your changes.

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